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06 June 2018

ROCKET inspirerende best practice voor key enabling technologies

Het Europese project ROCKET is tot Regional Best Practice gebombardeerd door WATIFY. Daarmee is ROCKET een inspiratiebron en succesverhaal ter promotie van digitalisering en Key Enabling Technologies in Europa.  
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06 February 2018

Eureka Innovation Days 2018

Learn more about trends and outlooks for the future in your own field. Benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas from adjacent areas of smart industries. Network and collaborate with your peers. Come to Helsinki and join the expected over 1,000 participants to this event!
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31 October 2017

Clean buses on Gelderland’s roads

Investing in green buses for a cleaner environment In June 2016, the first hydrogen fuel cell bus went into regular service in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands’ Gelderland region. The bus only emits water, which improves air quality. It is also almost completely silent. Gelderland company Hymove developed the technology for the bus with EU financial support.
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