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14 January 2019

Twofold commitment, in “SailPro” Rocket project

One of the trademarks of photonics involves new fabrication routes on the micro and nanoscale. Here, unthought of new functionalities and material properties arise, opening a wide range of application innovation routes. Within the Rocket “SailPro” project (Safe and Amplified Industrial Laser PROcessing) the double potential of under liquid laser material processing is shown.
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06 June 2018

ROCKET inspirerende best practice voor key enabling technologies

Het Europese project ROCKET is tot Regional Best Practice gebombardeerd door WATIFY. Daarmee is ROCKET een inspiratiebron en succesverhaal ter promotie van digitalisering en Key Enabling Technologies in Europa.  
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06 September 2016

High Tech Drones and Sensors the Focus of Industry in East Netherlands / Western Germany

SPECTORS, a four-year long innovation program, got its kickoff on September 1st this year. Some twenty Dutch and German small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be working together to develop and test innovative remote-sensing products. 
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