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High Tech/Smart Industry

An entrepreneurial, practical and innovative spirit once made East Netherlands a pioneer in industrial applications of steam engine technology. Today, the same traits make the region a hotbed of companies that use the latest technology to meet 21st-century market demands.

  • Whether it is information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology or intelligent combinations thereof, hundreds of high-tech companies and R&D organizations large and small call East Netherland their home. They profit from the region’s multinational, multilingual and open-minded work force, its prime geographic location, and its excellent physical and digital infrastructures.
  • Embedded in a community of like-minded innovation-driven entrepreneurs, new players quickly establish a foothold from which they can achieve new and sustainable growth. Oost NL is there to help them meet business needs: creating and adding value, growing revenue and reducing cost.

Exploit a fertile place for hightech entrepreneurs

Being in the middle of things helps, and East Netherlands is no exception. With four hightech-related business campuses the region is a hot spot for entrepreneurs capitalizing on the latest technology.

  • Novel-T in the city of Enschede is the nation’s most established academic business campus, with about 800 companies spun off over the past 50 years. With 430 acres, it still is the country’s largest. Today, the Kennispark campus encompasses close to 400 companies, with about a hundred run by students. Through The Gallery, the country’s largest business incubator, about forty new companies are created each year.
  • A ‘High Tech Factory’ offers all those entrepreneurs shared production facilities for micro- and nanotech-based products.
  • Other high-tech campuses in the region are Polymer Science Park (Zwolle), High Tech Systems Park (Hengelo) and NovioTech Campus (Nijmegen), the last one housing a business incubator dedicated to semiconductors.

This bustling environment has helped to establish East Netherlands’ track record as a powerful generator of high-tech commerce. In all, an estimated 1,200 technology and materials-related companies now operate in the region. Among the big players are corporations such as AkzoNobel, Apollo Vredestein, Arizona Chemical, Basf, Bayer, Benchmark, Cargill, DSM, Infor, NXP, Scania, Sensata, Siemens, Teijin, TenCate, Stork, and Thales.

In our region we established the Business Semi-conductor network of the Netherlands in 2008. The network binds together some 150 companies active throughout the value chain of development, production, and application of Advanced ICs, MEMS, Sensors and Wireless Systems as well as semiconductor equipment and materials. Originally started of as a regional network of the East-Netherlands, the membership nowadays also includes companies and institutes in other areas if the Netherlands.