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Duplaco BV

Duplaco BV (established 2012) is a company with a unique approach: it turns plankton into products. By using innovative technology, Duplaco produces natural building materials, animal food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products by using plankton, which is the lowest rung on the marine food ladder and a substantial part of Earth's ecosystem.    

Oost NL's H2020 advisor (in cooperation with RVO) has guided Duplaco in refining and strengthening its project proposal for the SME-Instrument being offered during Horizon 2020. This guidance was offered through an iterative process of questioning and feedback, and has resulted in a proposal that matches perfectly with the requirements of the offer. The pitch (the impact statement) was especially strengthened by this process. In addition to this guidance, Oost NL made sure that Duplaco stood out through better positioning them in the Enterprise Europe Network.