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Easy access to a powerful network

Do you want to accelerate your current research, expand your knowledge base or team up with research institutions that are leading in the field? Do you want to perform feasibility studies, set up, test and improve on a prototype? We develop, lead, and participate in programmes within INTERREG: the financing instrument of European regional development. With these programmes we provide easy access to Dutch-German research and development consortia, technology partners in other Interreg areas, funding for development, feasibility studies and prototyping and a vast array of matchmaking events and thematic meetings.

Oost NL improves cross-border business collaboration

The East Netherlands are located in the German-Dutch area of INTERREG. The funding we receive for cross-border collaboration benefits the regional SME community with focused programmes that support Dutch-German research and development consortia. Projects that could very well support your current development program, speed up its progress and expand its possibilities


Our INTERREG 5b Efforts

The province of Gelderland is part of the INTERREG 5b programme in the Northwestern Europe zone. Overijssel is part of both the Northwestern Europe zone and the North Sea zone. Currently, we are preparing INTERREG 5b projects in health-related technology and life sciences, energy technologies and microelectronics, and photonics. We make an effort to connect SMEs in our target groups to technology partners elsewhere in INTERREG 5b areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

If you want to know how your organisation could benefit from INTERREG, please contact mr. Henri Janssens.


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14 November 2019
This cross-border project, which enables the mass production of hydrogen fuel cells, has left 35 other candidates behind for the prize. The award was presented for the twelfth time this year by the...
14 January 2019
One of the trademarks of photonics involves new fabrication routes on the micro and nanoscale. Here, unthought of new functionalities and material properties arise, opening a wide range of...
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