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Information, European network, expertise and practical support

When you commit to participating in a Horizon 2020 project, you can depend on our support. Aside from providing all necessary information, we help you find a fitting Call for Proposal and consortium. We screen concepts, submit your SME to the database of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), find other partners, set up a convincing English website, and register the company with the European Commission, among other things.

Increased success with local academies and large businesses

We most likely will introduce you to potential local partners. SMEs profit from the high-score-track-record that regional knowledge institutes (like Wageningen UR, Radboud University and Radboud Academic Hospital and Twente University) and big companies built up. Collaborating with these experienced partners improves the SMEs chances to step onto the European innovation stage. Oost NL aims to maximise SME participation.

Oost NL makes participating a valid option

Applying is complex and depends on extensive knowledge of the submission process and finding formidable European partners. Many SMEs, therefore, shy away from even trying. With the support Oost NL, the process of finding a suitable Call for Proposal and joining a consortium becomes attainable for SMEs in Gelderland & Overijssel. Next to that, we support SMEs when they consider other Horizon 2020 options such as Fast Track to Innovation and the Eurostars-2 programme.

An invitation to improve innovation

The European Commission and her Horizon 2020 aim to stimulate science and innovation in business and academia. Up until 2020, it will invest €70 billion in research and development by companies and knowledge institutions. This is done with the ambition to increase Europe’s competitive power and find solutions for seven societal challenges with topics such as health and well-being, food security, clean and efficient energy, and climate action.

A unique chance to build a company with a European focus

The Horizon 2020 program bi-annually publishes Calls for Proposals sorted by these topics. SMEs can participate by joining a considerable European consortium or via smaller teams. Participation accelerates innovation, improves the SMEs’ European knowledge network and often leads to more collaborations. After a first proposal, joining these international ‘Premier League’ partnerships gets increasingly easier. The SME builds upon its innovative successes, hopefully inspiring other businesses to follow.

Start early, find the right consortium and add value constantly

On average preparing a proposal takes 9 to12 months. It is therefor important to start early and find the right consortium. In this phase it is important to know, voice and prove the value of your participation. You will always be required to contribute time, money, preferably intellectual property and have a healthy organisation with qualified staff, mastery of the English language and a convincing research and development roadmap that is consistent with the goals of the consortium.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

There are many things to consider before committing to a Call for Proposal. With our support, the process still requires a considerable investment in time and money. It is something one does not do lightly. We can help you make a well-informed decision and a properly developed plan of proceedings (including scheduling and actions). If you want to know how your SME could benefit from Horizon 2020, or if you have any questions, please contact us.


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